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Carpet Store in Vass, NC

Colorful, creative, and eternally comfortable, carpeting is the perfect addition to all types of interior spaces.  With its ability to transform your room instantaneously, carpeting is beloved by those who appreciate unlimited options. There are all types of carpet options today, including carpets that can manage moisture, allergies, and pets.


At J. B. Short Carpet One Floor & Home in Vass, NC, we have a passion for flooring and can help you make the smartest decisions for your family, guiding you each step of the way. Here are just a few things to know before you start shopping.


Types of Carpet

For many of us, there’s simply nothing like a soft-surface floor. Comforting on our feet, unbelievably colorful, and always so warm, carpeting is definitely one of our favorite ways to floor, but deciding which carpet is best for you requires a thorough understanding of the many carpet types. By and large, your carpet fibers- also known as pile- will play a major role in determining your new rug’s overall feel and function.


Frieze or “shag” carpeting has a shaggy, retro look that’s very soft to the touch. Shag pile is perfectly unruly with its long, twisted fibers, making it quite forgiving on foot traffic. It’s a great addition to more casual rooms.


Level loop carpeting is very enduring, since its pile is short and looped. A commercial favorite, level loop carpets can manage heavy wear and tear. It’s also a great addition to more hectic residences.


Patterned carpeting is made for silky softness and a luxurious look. Its delicate patterns are a feast for the eyes, but this type of pile doesn’t perform well in high-traffic zones. It’s best reserved for quiet, formal rooms where fashion is more important than function.


Textured carpeting is made for extreme durability, since its short, rough pile is a master of disguise. Blemishes, accidents, dirt, and debris are no match for this carpeting, which is a favorite for commercial settings.


Plush carpeting is velvety to the touch and stunning to behold. It adds instant panache to your room, but keep in mind that footsteps can easily leave their mark. For this reason, plush carpeting works best in quiet, formal areas.


Stain-Resistant Carpet Flooring

If you’re interested in a new carpet that can handle everyday life’s spills and accidents, we offer a top selection of stain-resistant carpets. Each carpet option has specific performance features and benefits that are unique to it. For instance, we have waterproof carpets, which have an industrial backing that blocks spills and pet urine from moving below the floor to the carpet pad and subfloor. When it comes to stain-resistant carpets, typically flooring companies use a proprietary stain-treatment. This treatment may coat the carpet’s surface, or be built into the fibers. It essentially makes spills easier to wipe up, and it blocks pigments from sinking into the carpet fibers and leaving a permanent mark. Some carpet fibers, like polyester and triexta, have natural stain-fighting abilities that complement this treatment.


Beyond choosing a stain-resistant carpet, you can decide on a carpet color, pattern, and texture that disguises blemishes, pet fur, and debris between cleaning. You can also find many carpets that repel odors so that your space stays fresh. Plus, we have commercial carpets and carpet tiles that are specifically designed for business spaces.


Where to Install Carpeting

With so many carpeting options today, it’s possible to add carpet in many different rooms of the home. Choose stain-resistant, high-test varieties for the stairway, entryway, or your kids’ playroom. Lusher, highly textured types add style and grace to the bedroom, living room, or office. One general rule of thumb is that carpeting is best avoided in the kitchen and bathroom.

Our Carpet and Rug Collection

J.B. Short Carpet One is proud to be the region’s most frequented carpeting source, with a wide selection of all your favorite products and carpet brands. As part of the world’s largest independent carpeting store cooperative, we have unbelievable purchasing power, along with the localized, friendly service you'd expect from a small business. Visit us in Vass, North Carolina, today and explore your carpet options, or browse our selection online now.



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Carpet Remnants

Looking for an affordable way to carpet a smaller

space or add a cheap area rug to your home?

Discover our carpet remnant selection.




Caring for Carpeting

Properly maintaining your new carpeting will

make for a much longer lifespan. Here are a few

tips on how you can keep your carpet in the best form.



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